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Key Holding Service

There are many options if you will not be home when laundry is due to be collected/delivered.


The most secure option is to make use of our key holding service.

This is free of charge for all customers.  


Just hand in your prefered key for a door to your home, garage or other space on your property, such as a shed, horse box or even a caravan to your delivery

driver and we will keep it locked away safely.


Other options include: Leaving your laundry in a safe dry place on your property such as a porch or open shed/garage.


Having your laundry delivered to a neighbour or relative, or even your place of work. (If either of these places are in a different area to your own home, delivery may take place on a different day of the week so check our 'Delivery Times' page to make sure you are happy with the day of delivery.